Friday, July 25, 2008

Dasavatharam | 2008 | 1CD |*PDVDrip* | 700 MB

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Raju said...

i have downloaded frist two parts out of seven parts from rapidshare. the first one is playing in vlc player but the second one is not. how can i play the second one? or else do i need to join all the clips at once? if so how?

thanx in advance

phanish said...

download all parts and join them with hjsplit which u can found on free downloads
search on google for it

Raju said...

thanQ. its working. thanx once again.

Praveen said...

Telugu or Tamil ?? Plz specify.. I can figure that out after spending hours for downloading. A little heads up would be great.

phanish said...

telugu man